Work Camps

Serving the Lord by building, teaching, and healing.  The Bi-annual Work Camp Projects Abroad are the best way to gain a global vision of what God is doing around the World!  If you can swing a hammer, hand a tool, pass a block, or you have certified construction skills- you can help build a church or home in disaster regions with us as we build friendships beyond our culture.

Laura Maddock

Laura grew up in Vincennes, Indiana, she decides to follow Jesus as a child, and is grateful for the many ways that her family as well as church family at the First Church of God in Vincennes brought her up in faith.  As a student at Butler University she grew to understand more deeply her need for Jesus and the impact of his death and resurrection on her life.  God used campus missionaries to challenge and encourage her in her faith and she decided to trust God in His call to missions in her own life through campus ministry. Laura is partnered with Cru on a College campus in Berlin, Germany, before she was in New York City on the campuses.  She is helping equip students to follow and proclaim Christ through Berlins Campus.

Laura's Newsletter

The Coppess Family

Tim and Joy Coppess have a passion for education and for expanding the kingdom of God.  In Botswana, they will be working alongside the established national and local leaders of the Church of God, building relationships with the pastors and people of each congregation as they work to establish a training program for pastors and church leasers, including ongoing discipleship and leadership development.  They will be working with national leaders and local pastors on outreach efforts throughout Botswana. 

Coppess Newsletter

The Ayala Family

The Alfonso and Elizabeth work with churches and community leaders in Belize in the areas of leadership and community development.  Alfonso helps church and community leaders with community initiatives, including the implementation of community service projects to satisfy basic health and educational needs.  In the area of pastoral and leadership development, he facilitated training workshops and courses with pastors and teachers.  Equipping and supporting pastors is a priority.  He participated and teaches in regional, national, and local conferences; retreats; and seminars.  Elizabeth encourages, mentors, and coaches former students and high school teachers in their educational endeavors and challenges.  She meets with women's groups and individuals for fellowship, counseling, mutual edification, and friendship.


The Fry Family

Kevin and Susan found Eden Ministries as Goshen Christian Church African Ministries in 1998.  Eden has grown and blossomed much faster into the large undertaking that they originally envisioned, but we've yet to realize all God had in His mind from the beginning!  We took in our first child in 2000 and have had the honor of caring for 250 total up to this current time.  The primary mission of Eden Ministries in Doma, Zimbabwe is realized in Eden's Children's Village. 

Eden Ministries


Helping His Hands

1107 Main St

Vincennes, In 47591


Helping His Hands is a short term mission organization specializing in disaster response.  Our mandate is st upon immediate response to regions and people stricken by natural disaster, followed by continual aide in their journey of rebuilding.  

It is nearly impossible to predict then or where a disaster is going to take place.  However, it is possible for communities to be prepared for what may happen. This equipping readies us for the unexpected, and allows for greater organized, timely and efficient response when disaster strikes.

They also offer a food pantry that helps over 400 families a month, here in Vincennes.

Another Chance Christ Ministries

Mission is to "Reclaim lives and rebuild families through the power of Jesus Christ for a community free from the bondage of addiction and compulsive lifestyle, by training them up in the ways of righteousness as prescribed by His holy word" 

Another Chance Christ Ministry is a residential center for men and women, even women with children, training them in God's word.  Whether you are in transition from divorce. have recently been incarcerated, coming out of addiction or need a roof over your head.  Another Chance Christ Ministries is waiting to help.

Find them on FaceBook @accm.vincennes