Rooted Women's Ministry

What Women's Ministry is:
  • A place to address spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs
  • Encouragement for women to improve their potential for participation in the mission of the church
  • A support system for hurting women, whether they are suffering from divorce, abuse, or simply loneliness.
  • A place to address topics and issues that affect women today
  • Mentorship of young women so that they experience joy in the Lord and become involved in service in the church
  • Cultivating the spiritual gifts God gave us and learning to use them for the glory of God
  • Encouragement for women to be involved in all areas of the ministries of the church. 


Our focus as a ministry isn't just on women in general but on each aspect of what it is to be a Christian woman. We are focusing on widows who might need some extra support to young teen who need a loving mentor that has been where they are now - having a support system available to young moms. This ministry is for all types of ladies from all walks of life.

Rooted Team

We are team is six women who have a heart for spreading the word of God to other women. We started this ministry when we heard the need in our church. It took a lot of prayers and talking things over to get this ministry off the ground. As a team of believers, we put our faith in what God is going to do with this ministry. We have taken into account what the ladies around us want to get out of this ministry, and we are trying to put that to work.