Prayer Ministry

For several years, an army of intercessors has prayed for the needs of people in our church, community and country as well as around the world. Week after week many have chosen to commit time in seeking the Lord through the ministry of prayer.  We want the First Church of God in Vincennes to be a “house of prayer.” If you have not yet joined our team of prayer warriors, why not make this the day you join us?

All Church Prayer Meeting

Come join us! Sunday evenings, 5:00-6:00 p.m. in Room 3 at First Church of God. Praying for healing, salvation, burdens, sharing testimonies and answers to prayer. Child care available.

Email Prayer Network

If you have access to a home computer on a daily basis, you may want to consider becoming part of this aspect of our Prayer Ministry. As we receive prayer requests by internet, they will be passed on to you for intercession.

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Join our Facebook group and be connect with others who are praying or to pray for others who need it as well.

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Armor Bearers

This is a regional, annual men's conference that includes Knox County. This is a prayer ministry to cover our Pastoral staff and their families in prayer on a daily basis. Seeking the Lord’s leading, protection and blessing upon our Pastoral staff and their families is vital for their spiritual, physical and emotional health and protection.

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Fasting and Prayer

What is fasting? Why do we do it? How do we do it? What are some Biblical examples of fasting? 

Fasting is giving up food or something else for a period of time in order to focus your thought on God. While fasting many will read their Bible, pray, or worship. Fasting is found over 50 times in the Old and New Testament. In Matthew 4:1-2, Jesus went to the wilderness to fast for 40 days. Throughout the Bible fasting and prayer a mentioned together like in Acts 13:3, or Luke 2:37. While we are fasting we are drawing near to Jesus.

There are many things that fasting can do. It can help us hear God better, reveal hidden sin, strength our intimacy with God, teach us to pray correctly, but ultimately it helps build our faith. While we are focusing on God during this time we are changing our hearts relationship with God. We are putting our focus back on God and learn more about who He is. We are opening our ears to hear the gentle whispers that we have muted over the years. 

There are many ways to fast not just from food but also from TV/Movies, Social Media, Secular Music, Parties, anything that has split your focus from God. Choosing the "media" in which you fast from is something that you need to prayerfully consider. The length of your fast also depends on you and the what you feel lead to do. Here are a few examples of fasting is the Bible: 

One day Fast - Judges 20:26; 1 Samuel 7:6; 2 Samuel 1:12, 3:35; Nehemiah 9:1; Jeremiah 36:6

Three-Day Fast - Esther 4:16; Acts 9:9

Seven-Day Fast - 1 Samuel 31:13 2 Samuel 12:16-23

Fourteen Day Fast - Acts 24:33-34

Twenty one Day Fast - Daniel 10:3-13

Forty Day Fast - Deuteronomy 9:9; 1 King 19:8; Matthew 4:2

Bible Verses about Fasting

Acts 14:23; Daniel 10:3; Esther 4:16; Exodus 34:38; Joel 2:12; Luke 2:37; Luke 4:2-4

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